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How to Improve Performance on Your eCommerce Site

Three Easy Ways to Improve Performance on Your eCommerce Site

If you run an eCommerce website — regardless of what you sell — your product pages must work well for you to turn your browsers into buyers. While some companies have no problem dishing out the big bucks to improve their site’s performance, we’re here to share that there are a few proven and simple […]
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How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

4 Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales in 2017

While the busiest shopping season may be over, the new year is the time to roll out your new marketing plan and begin crushing your 2017 sales. Each year tech capabilities grow exponentially. If your e-commerce site isn’t keeping up, you are being left behind, and your competitors will gladly pick up that slack. Check […]
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No, You Haven’t Been Hacked: How to Block Ghost Spam in Google Analytics

This time of year, it makes more sense to get a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past than the ghost you might be noticing in your Google Analytics traffic — ghost spam. Over the last few days we’ve gotten quite a few calls from clients asking about crazy referral traffic from even crazier sources, […]
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The Beginner’s Guide to URL Redirects

A URL redirect forwards one URL and points it to a different URL. The goal is to replace the URL that isn’t functioning (or that you no longer want to use, but don’t want to lose traffic to) by sending it to one that is. There are a few different scenarios where redirection is used. […]
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4 Powerful Tips to Increase Website Conversion with Site Search

With American Thanksgiving quickly approaching, retailers across the nation are gearing up for the busiest time of the year – the holiday shopping season. With holiday eCommerce sales expected to reach $94.71 billion U.S. dollars this year, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of retailers are looking to maximize their online presence by improving […]
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Take Control of Spammy Links: Steps to Disavow

Spammy links are best described as links with little to no quality. In order for a link to be considered low quality and spammy, it has to be coming from a website that was either neglected throughout algorithm changes or a site that clearly manipulates Google’s system. These links are generated largely because you have […]
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Reeling Back in Holiday Sales With Facebook Retargeting

There’s a reason holiday marketing begins as early as it does, and it’s because of the amount of time it takes to plan, prepare and follow through with a campaign. Being that the holidays seem to fly on by every year, marketers want to make sure they take advantage of it while they can. During […]
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Huemor Announces Always Found, Division Devoted To Making Brands More Visible

Division Offers SEO Services and Training Farmingdale, NY, Nov. 3, 2016 — To better serve clients and more clearly delineate the breadth of marketing services offered, Long Island UX design agency Huemor today announced the creation of Always Found, a division devoted to providing search engine optimization and other marketing and PR services. The division […]
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Tracking Ads & Engagement Via Google Analytics

Facebook has proven itself to be a powerful tool in driving traffic and referrals to your website and its content. While the actual traffic is the most valuable asset of Facebook marketing, the data pulled from those campaigns are just as important. Tracking your Facebook and Adwords campaigns in Google Analytics gauges reaction to your […]
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Know an SEO Opportunity When You See One

With all of the recent buzz surrounding Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update, some SEOs might be surprised to find that there were neither large boosts or demotions. Rankings are holding steady since it was written into the algorithm and completely rolled out. If there were noticeable changes, they should be recovered at this point. On […]
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