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We Increased Sales By 36% For This Home Furnishings Retailer

Home furnishings is a very competitive e-retail space. With major players dominating search placements, we knew we had to get this website to the level of sophistication that matched both the search engines’ user experience values and the brand’s values.

  • Recover the site from a manual Google penalty
  • Fully responsive website re-design
  • Platform migration from NopCommerce to Shopify Plus
  • Local SEO push that included new listings, citation clean up, an JSON-LD schema implementation--resulting in numerous no. 1 listings in Google local map breakout
  • Advanced, white hat link and signal building strategies
  • Complete on-site audit broken into beneficial actions including new content, new descriptions, and better internal linking.
  • Full Google Shopping campaign implementation
  • Social shopping integrations Implementing advanced product cross-selling based on user behavior (built from user persona models for the site)

Our Approach

A well-known and successful brick and mortar home furnishings retailer was plagued by inconsistent and ineffective online presence. Aside from visual and experiential shortcomings with their website at the time, there were also structural issues hindering search engine optimization potential; such as poorly planned sitemap architecture and conversion funnels. Additionally, this website was the victim of a malicious spam attack, essentially ruining their search engine appearance and Google standing.


Working closely with the e-commerce and brand managers to provide this retail website with both a full-platform switch to Shopify Plus, and a full-redesign of the site allowed us to gain the further insight needed to move forward with the structure.

We looked at each page from both the users’ and search engines’ perspective, ensuring elements including semantic tags, page schema, attribution, and content met SEO best practice guidelines, while packaging it in a way that still felt high-end and intuitive to users.


Our previous 6 months of effort had provided us with an amazing custom framework to use, however, there was still much work to be done. Semantically, everything was exactly where it needed to be, however, content for over 50,000 products needed to be improved, custom title tags and descriptions needed to be written, and internal linking needed to be tightened up.

Our team systematically mapped out all of these on-site optimization tasks and tackled them by section, in order of importance regarding sales metrics. Essentially, if it was a key product category or big seller, we prioritized optimization for those areas first and worked outwards. Within 45 days we had the majority of the nearly 100k page sitemap covered.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 4.24.35 PM

While we continued to optimize the remainder of the sitemap, we developed key relationships with interior design industry professionals. As a result, bloggers, designers, and enthusiasts were writing about the brand and helping the brand gain attention from a wider audience. These crucial outlets and more are the ones we remain in touch with for future stories and newsworthy press releases.

We also sought co-branding opportunities, ones that aligned with the home furnishings industry. Vendors, education institutions, and media syndicates helped to increase their exposure. Authority for the website was starting to grow and their search engine traffic was reflecting it.




Increase in online sales


Increase in store sales


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in online sales


New linking domains


New backlinks


Page one keywords


More pages viewed per visit


New social followers

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