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Industrial Services Co Sees Significant Traffic and Lead Increases

The approach an SEO company takes should depend heavily on the client’s needs and niche. We knew that what worked for an e-commerce retail site may not translate successfully to a local, service-based company. Found created an SEO campaign to increase local visibility, brand awareness and targeted traffic and leads.

  • 76% increase in traffic
  • Local optimization included new listings, citation clean up, an JSON-LD schema implementation, pulling in more than 1500 viable local leads
  • Advanced, white hat link and signal building strategies
  • Multiple campaigns designed to specifically highlight locality and experiential strength
  • Internal link and structure redesign for maximum effectiveness

Our Approach

This New York-based commercial HVAC company had over 30 years experience in the industrial building and mechanical engineering space, but without an effective web presence, less experienced companies were capturing a large part of the local business.


Because the company had such a long history and happy, loyal clients, it was very important to build the marketing and SEO strategy on the existing brand instead of trying to change it. We worked closely with the core team of the family-owned empire in order to do that. Having their input as to who their target audience was and our expertise on how to reach them translated into a 300% increase in leads.

Because the company fell into such a specific niche, optimization was mindful and careful, the target audience was part of each strategic SEO decision made, including which keywords to use in both content, and title tags and meta descriptions.


After exhaustive keyword research based around the brand, the website was optimized with the most effective title tags, meta descriptions, topical content, and a strong internal link structure. Local listings and relevant location specific content were paramount in highlighting services and proximity. The company began to thrive immediately.

For this company, a large part of the optimization required storytelling. Mechanical engineering isn’t always a digestible topic for those who aren’t experts. With the goal of having the company recognized as the undisputable industry leaders that they are, we knew providing unique and engaging content that explains but doesn’t bore or confuse its readers was important--while also giving the search engines enough information to grab onto and serve up.

Through guest blogging, infographics, onsite blogs, and newsletters, our content was not only serving an educational purpose, but a networking purpose, as the placements are influential publications of other industry leaders.




Increase in overall traffic


Viable local leads


Increase in organic traffic


High quality backlinks


New linking domains

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