About Found.

When you play hide-and-seek, you at least know who you’re looking for.
On the internet, your customers might not even know you exist. 

So while other SEO companies try to find ways for you to game the system and manipulate Google’s algorithm*, we focus on getting our clients found.
*Spoiler alert: Google knows when you’re trying to manipulate the algo!

When it comes to SEO, We Believe:

  • The user is just as important as the algorithm. They’re the ones deciding what to click on, after all.
  • Doing the right thing nets the right results. There are a lot of sketchy SEO practices out there, and we don’t want any part of it.
  • Consumers buy from brands they trust. The first step is helping them find you. The second step is persuading them to convert.
  • Transparency is crucial. Just as the consumer needs to trust the brand, our clients need to trust us. We build that trust with clear, regular reporting and analysis that’s easy to understand.

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Our Expertise


Receive 1-on-1 consultation and actionable insights your in-house team can implement immediately, from our executive and director level team members.
  • 1-on-1 Consult Sessions
  • Training Sessions
  • Detailed site audits
  • Competitive analysis reports

Full Service SEO

Leverage our team to develop and execute search optimization strategies that will grow online authority, traffic, and revenue month-over-month.
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Content development
  • Authority building